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Meet the HighClick team!

programmer and automation specialist matt butler

Matt Butler

Senior Developer

Years of IT experience: 5
Years of college: 3

Hometown: Ayden, NC
First job: Recovery at Dollar Tree
Hobbies: Maker, Biking, Gaming
Favorite music: Anything and everything. From Beyoncé to Marty Robbins to Beats Antique
My fuel: Good coffee, not that swill Joe drinks.
Computers at home: 2
Apps I can’t live without: Pocket Casts, Mint

What I love about working at HighClick: It feels like working with friends and family; I never dread a meeting with anyone here.
What you may not know about me: I’m a serial hobbyist, wanting to try everything. The only reason I haven’t is how tightly I clench my wallet.

Phone: 252.329.1382 x211

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