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Meet the HighClick team!

Kyle El Homsi

Marketing Consultant

Years of Marketing Experience: 8

Hometown: Mocksville, NC
Hobbies:  Reading and traveling
Favorite music: I’m very musically diverse; I’ll listen to anything!
My fuel: Venti Sweet Cream Cold Brew and a Pumpkin Loaf slice (warmed up) from Starbucks
Computers at home: 2
Apps I can’t live without: I’m ashamed to say this, but probably TikTok or Snapchat

What I love about working at HighClick: I get to be part of a growing, new team.
What you may not know about me:  I’m the 5th of 6 kids, originally from New Jersey, and I’ve also won a culinary competition.

Phone: 252.329.1382 x208

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