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WordPress Design & Development

In order to elevate your brand, we need the best content management system (CMS), which is why we chose WordPress. We import custom plugins and expert design to transform this blueprint into a custom web design.

professionally designed wordpress websites extend your brand reach and reduce costs with wordpress training that allows you to maintain your own website

At HighClick, we take a progressive approach to make your site reliable, fast, and unique. If you aren’t taking advantage of WordPress’s capabilities, you’re missing out.

Here at HighClick Media our WordPress developers will custom build your WordPress site to exceed all your expectations. We offer the most extensive development, design, and marketing solutions available because our web developer doesn’t rely on templates or presets. Our WordPress web design experts craft unique designs everyday, for every client. We want your WordPress site to be uniquely yours, not a copy of someone else’s.

As a WordPress web design company, we know WordPress inside and out. We are more than ready to implement custom WordPress, and any WordPress plugins that will take your site to the next level. HighClick’s development team is prepared to make any changes big or small to your web design. Our expert web designers and developers are well-versed and up-to-date with the latest features that WordPress has to offer.

We believe that your website should be constantly updated with relevant information your target market needs to see. Our development agency designs custom templates, so as your company expends so can your website. Adding new pages doesn’t have to mean starting from scratch. With our custom built templates your site can maintain a consistent look and feel, no matter what information you add.

Download our FREE Web Design and Development Checklist!

When it comes to developing your website and crafting the perfect web design, it’s crucial you know where to start. Our free checklist will give you the fundamentals of web design and development! Put your best foot forward with our ultimate web design guide!

    download free how-to guides to improve your marketing efforts for small business


    Hiring a WordPress development company for your WordPress website development is essential for the functionality of your website. Our experts are continuously learning WordPress development and plugin development! We implement the newest software to make sure you’re obtaining the best user experience (UX) possible!

    WordPress allows for unique themes that are easy to customize! Whether you want certain colors, logos, or backgrounds we can alter the themes any way you want them! As an open source CMS, it gives us the flexibility to incorporate multiple plugins, themes, and customization.

    Our development team encourages our clients to show off their authenticity on their website! With custom WordPress development, we will alter your template design to fit the needs of your business! Our theme developers welcome the opportunity to craft customized sites that will elevate your brand.

    Why Choose HCM?

    • We put the U in Unique! We want your website to be exactly what you have always dreamed up! Our development team will maximize your ROI by utilizing all that WordPress has to offer!
    • As a development agency, we are constantly studying the newest features and plugins WordPress releases to ensure you receive the BEST WordPress website Greenville has to offer.
    • HighClick Media is a full-service digital marketing agency! We aren’t just a WordPress agency, we specialize in search engine optimization, social media marketing, and much more! Our team of experts work together to provide the most comprehensive digital marketing strategy possible!
    Overwhelmed by WordPress?

    That’s what we’re here for! Trying to learn a new software, run a business, and create new content can be a challenge! Reach out to us today to learn how we can help take some of the stress away!

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