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Marketing to Millennials

millennials take and share a selfie on social media at a small local business

I have never met someone who doesn’t have an opinion on Millennials.

We are condemned for our love of avocado toast (it really is good – you should try it) and pinned as the self-absorbed generation.  But, on the flip side, we are known for being open-minded, collaborative, tech-savvy problem solvers. Making up a quarter of the U.S. population, it should come as no surprise that millennials have a huge impact on brand marketing.

Who we are:

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, if you were born between 1982 and 2000, you are a millennial. There are currently over 75.4 million millennials in the United States, and this number just keeps growing. More diverse than other generations, nearly 1/2 of millennials are minorities.

Having been raised in a damaged economy, we are drastically more socially and technologically connected than any other generation. It’s true; We are the generation of iPhones, social media, apps and streaming.

To give it to you straight, we have a different perspective than the generations before us. Millennials are all about transparency, culture and moral responsibility.

Our generation stays connected.

86% of Millennials stay updated on brands through social networks. 82% of us are active Facebook users, with Gen X not too far behind at 76%. Not only that, but we are 2.5x more likely to adapt to new technology earlier than non-millennials.


The Millennial Income:

A minority of this generation is wealthy, but for the majority of young adults, this isn’t the case. The average millennial today earns $10,000 less than young adults in 1989.

help me im poor

Health-Oriented Generation:

We tend to make healthier eating choices, and develop stronger exercise habits, than prior generations. With the use of fitness apps, and use of the internet to research the healthiest options, millennials are willing to spend more money on compelling brands.

How we shop:

We are more likely to search for a deal. Nearly half of us use our smartphone to search for a better deal on a product while in-store, and 92% have made a purchase on their phone. Approximately half of millennials spend 1-3 hours researching their finance options before making a major purchase. More brand-loyal than Gen Xers and Baby Boomers, 69% of millennials have chosen the same brand for a major purchase in the last year. When millennials were asked if they would try a new brand when making a major purchase, only 17% said they would.

Millennials perceive your brand differently.

We appreciate brands that are truthful, ethical and unrestricted. Seeking products and services that improve their lives, millennials enjoy interacting and engaging with brands on a personal level. Thirty-six percent of millennials expect an interactive experience when looking for solutions.

millennials behaviors and trends

All of this matters to your marketing.

Having such remarkably different characteristics, tastes and expectations than prior generations, millennials challenge stale marketing tactics, emotionless branding and lackluster customer service. They want their voices heard, they want to trust your business and they are looking for a brand that will be an experience.

If your audience is young and you lack a creative strategy for marketing to this fresh generation, reach out to us to schedule a meeting with one of our marketing geniuses! Marketing to millennials is one of our specialties!

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