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Are You Using Chatbots to Grow Your Business?

Some entrepreneurs can be overwhelmed by advanced technology. With conversational interfaces powered by artificial intelligence (AI) experiencing greater use in sales and marketing, business leaders must either take the bull by the horns or hire a professional in order to make the most of the technology.

Since social media and chat marketing are vital to ecommerce and startup retention, overlooking the benefits of chatbot automation can be detrimental.

Read on to find out how your growing business can increase sales, become more efficient, and respond to online inquiries 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through the use of automated chatbots.


Top 3 Benefits of AI-Assisted Chatbots for Businesses


Deliver Real-Time Sales and Marketing Communication

Selling products online and marketing on social media both require engaging with consumers 24/7/365. Chatbots give you a competitive advantage because they produce leads and answer customers’ questions around the clock. By interacting and providing solutions in real time, chatbots can even help dissuade visitors from abandoning your site in favor of the competition.

A big shift in consumer behavior is emerging with regard to messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and SMS. People are increasingly using these apps for more than just texting, performing actions such as booking reservations, conducting research, scheduling meetings, and making purchases.

Since “revenue-facing” chatbots can steer consumers down the funnel to an eventual sale, organizations are able to identify a direct route to ROI and greater efficiency.


Provide Site Visitors with Contextual, AI-Powered Support

AI-driven chatbots have become formidable tools for marketers and businesses. A common misconception is that a chatbot’s primary benefit is answering FAQs when actually the opposite is true. Customer support is just one of the many significant advantages of chatbots.

When a chatbot does deliver customer support, it’s value-driven and contextual. Bots employ the data they have on a customer combined with AI to engage with each customer exclusively and provide them with a delightful, efficient, and unforgettable experience.

For most startups, the major benefit of chatbots is to answer the typical questions about the business’s products and/or services. Chatbots increase customer engagement and satisfaction, while also affording owners more time to oversee the business and employees to boost sales.

Organizations must optimize automated responses for clarity, conciseness, and conversational language. With chatbots, businesses should concentrate on assisting the customer at each step of the way.

Responsiveness places the firm in a positive light. According to a Salesforce report, 62% of customers say they are likely to share their negative experiences with others.

Make a list of your customers’ most common queries and be sure to optimize each response. It’s crucial to pinpoint what consumers are looking for from your platform. What do they want and how are you assisting them in their pursuit?

According to the 2018 State of Chatbots Report, the top three use cases for chatbots are: obtaining a quick answer in the event of an emergency (37%), resolving a problem (35%), and receiving a detailed answer or explanation (35%). Simply put, conversational bots reduce friction in a customer’s journey.


Seal the Deal with Buyers

Consumers inquiring online or on social media are often prepared to make a purchase decision at that precise moment. Companies should endeavor to “close” visitors who are asking purchase questions in real time in order to prevent them from visiting the competitor’s site.

According to a 2018 Accenture survey, 57% of executives report that conversational bots can deliver a huge return on investment with very little effort on the part of the business. Additionally, 61% say they anticipate a boost in employee productivity while 60% expect improved handling of client inquiries thanks to conversational bots.

Final Thoughts

When executed successfully, bot applications present a clear-cut and replicable path to ROI. Consumers have loftier expectations these days. Accordingly, more businesses are utilizing this burgeoning technology because people prefer real-time interaction with customer support. Chatbots provide businesses with the capability to be extraordinarily responsive.

Are you using chatbots to grow your business? If not, now’s the time to take advantage of them! Not sure how to get started? The friendly folks at HighClick Media will be more than happy to assist you. Call us today at 252.814.2150 or drop us a line to see how we can help elevate your brand!

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